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Emergency Board-Up, Water, Fire & Smoke Damage in Houston

The damage to a home or commercial structure is not complete when the fire is put out or the water removed. Texas storm damage can leave a home susceptible to further damage if the situation is not dealt with in a prompt fashion. H2O Services offers emergency board up to protect your investment from further harm.

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Typically fires cause serious damage to the structural integrity of a home or commercial building. This can leave the interior of the structure exposed to the elements and thieves. In order to restore security to these structures, H2O Services sends a team of well qualified, experienced technicians to the damaged structure to perform and emergency board up. This seals the interior and reduces the chances for more damage.

Gulf Coast residents are well aware of the amount of damage a storm can inflict upon a home or commercial establishment. Hurricane home protection is necessary because these violent storms can tear off roofs and break windows in the blink of an eye.

If the interior of a home is exposed during a hurricane, the amount of damage is increased exponentially. Rain and wind can enter the structure and damage it beyond repair. In view of that, all homes and commercial establishments should be boarded up to limit the amount of Texas storm damage.

After fire or storm damage, most board up procedures are complex because of the erratic nature of the damage. Holes often appear in areas that are difficult to cover up with a simple wood panel. In order to best protect your investment, these affected areas need to be sealed tightly and securely.

H2O Services has the experience and equipment to protect homes and commercial establishments from unnecessary damage. The technicians at H2O Services can arrive in to the job site in under 60 minutes, thereby limiting the amount of damage and saving clients large sums of money.

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