24 Hour Emergency Response

  • Talk to a live person – 24/7 
  • On-site in less than an hour!
  • We work directly with your insurance company
  • We handle the whole problem from beginning to end
  • We keep in communication with you throughout the whole process


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Granite is a medium to coarse and widely occurring type of intrusive, felsic, igneous rock. Rich in quartz and potassium feldspar, granite occasionally contains individual crystals larger than the groundmass. Granites can be pink, dark gray or black and depends on the chemistry and mineralogy. This type of rock is common throughout the world, but certain areas are well known for producing commercial granite. Due to its relatively impervious and inflexible qualities, granite is widely used as a dimension stone and is used by engineers to establish a plane of reference for measurements. Granite is also commercially used as flooring tiles in homes, buildings and monuments.

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